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Regular Events

Please mark your calendars, and plan to join KMC for the following events!

Monthly Meetings

We welcome interested parents of twins, triplets or more  to our monthly meetings. Our Family Events and play dates are kid-friendly of course, but we do ask that only infants in arms or carriers attend meetings. We do not provide any type of child care at meetings, but there is always a member willing to hold a baby! Monthly meetings are generally at 6:30 PM, and they are held at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, at a local shop, or a restaurant.

Moms’ Night Out

MNO evenings are fun and entertaining, and offer a chance to become better friends with other KMC members. MNO events are for paid and interested members. We do not offer child care for these evenings.

Play Dates and Daytime Meet-Ups

If you can’t make it to a meeting at night, we would still love the chance to get to know you! Play Dates are chances to have fun at a park or bounce house with friends, and Daytime Meet-Ups are child-friendly meetings held at the Bearden Branch Library. Bring your questions about raising multiples and we will offer support and encouragement! We welcome parents expecting multiples to our Daytime Meet-Ups, too.

  • Stroller Walking Group, Ongoing, West Hills Park at the West YMCA or Lakeshore Park
    This is a very informal meet-up, and we do not always have a KMC member or officer in attendance. Check with one of us on Facebook or via the contact page if you are interested in joining us!
  • Play Dates
    We post Play Dates on our paid Members’ Facebook page.
  • Day Time Meet-Ups
    Local library meeting rooms are available to reserve for daytime, kid-friendly meetings if there is enough interest. Stay tuned for details.

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