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Consignor Info

Member consignors pay a $10 registration fee and earn 90% of their sales. Non-Member Consignors pay a $15 registration fee and earn 80% of their sales. Regardless of how you sell with KMC, you are required to sign-up for a work shift on Friday or Saturday. If you do not show up for your work shift, your earnings will only be 50% of your sales. Drop-off times are available throughout Friday afternoon. If you will not be at the July meeting, you MUST contact Amy to schedule your work and drop off shifts.

NEW INFO for Fall / Winter 2012 and Beyond!
KMC will no longer mail any tags after the sale. We will have tags available at the meeting after the sale, and that will be your only chance to pick up tags before they are disposed. You will also be able to pick up your check at this meeting. If you do not pick up your check at the August meeting a paper check will be mailed to you. Please be aware that delivery may take an additional 1-3 weeks, as we are using on-line banking to send checks.

Acceptable Items: KMC will accept gently used clothing from sizes preemie to preteen. We also welcome Maternity clothing. Please ensure that you do not include any blatantly Summer clothing in this sale such as swimsuits, sundresses or tank tops. Any matter of baby gear including bottles, nursery decor, diapers, cribs, bike seats, strollers, high chairs, etc. is welcome in the sale. Toys big and small are great sellers! If the toy requires batteries please ensure they are working prior to drop-off. We may NOT sell car seats of any kind and we do not accept stuffed animals.

Drop-Off: As in the past, you will receive an item log sheet in this packet that must be completed prior to drop-off that lists each of your items and the corresponding price. You only need to list the item number and price unless your item is priced over $25. If your item is over $25, then you will need to provide a description (see example lines on the log sheet). You will not be able to leave your items for the sale until this is completed. All of your items must be tagged properly, and you need to check items for holes or stains. Please clean any toys, sippy cups or furniture that were in storage prior to the sale. Shoes may be zip tied together, but not in a box. All of your items must be sorted by gender and size prior to drop-off. If there are matching items that you wish to display together on Friday night, please keep them separate.

Tagging: Do not use red ink to fill out your tags. Red dots or lines will be used to indicate that items may not be sold at half price and we do not want any confusion at check out. Please use index cards only. Use only index cards for tags this sale. No old tags or torn paper will be accepted.

Place your tag on the right side of the article of clothing. Use one safety pin at the upper center of your index card.

Write the following with blue or black ink:
Top Left: Seller Number
Top Right: Size
Middle: Description
Bottom Right: Cost in Whole or Half Dollar increments only. Do not add “.00” for whole dollar prices.

Add a red line down the right side of the index card if you DO NOT want your item to be sold at half-price.

Questions or Comments: This page is meant to be an overview for our sellers, and is not a complete listing of requirements for selling with KMC. A signed Seller agreement, Log Sheet and Member Info sheet must be updated for 2013-14 club year. Please direct any and all questions or comments to Amy.

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