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Boo at the Zoo!

If you plan to attend Boo at the Zoo, don’t forget to check out the KMC display!

Boo at the Zoo - KMC

A big thanks to Mary Ellen Nichols and The UPS Store for the adorable banner design.

October 2011 Monthly Meeting – Halloween Bash!

KMC cordially invites you to attend our October Halloween bash… if you dare! We have a meeting full of fun and information, so you do not want to miss this one.
Please join us on Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 PM at First Baptist Concord, Westlake Campus.

1. We have two $25 Liza Moz Pottery gift cards up for grabs! Best costume will take one of them and best Halloween-themed snack will take the other. Our Mom’s Night Out is coming up next month at Liza Moz, so this is a great prize! Check out Liza Moz on Facebook, too.

2. Want some fresh ideas for entertaining your little ones? Julie from Babysitter Express will be sharing a few great ideas for kid crafts this Fall. Check out Babysitter Express on Facebook.

3. If you are a member, we need your vote on the open officer positions of Vice President, Secretary, Member Care Coordinator and Newsletter.

4. We will make small signs for each KMC family to display at Boo at the Zoo. If you want to display a scarecrow family, then please bring them to the meeting. We will be setting up Wednesday morning – we would love help if you are available.

5. If you have Halloween costumes, t-shirts, bows, sleepers, etc. that you didn’t bring to the consignment sale, we welcome you to bring them to the meeting. We will set up a table to display and sell your items!

If you are not yet a member but you do have twins, triplets or more we would love to meet you; please feel free to join us!

This meeting is adults only, but as always nursing infants are welcome.